Pancreatitis severity score

The modified Glasgow criteria.  3 or more of the following detected within 48 hours of admission is suggestive of severe pancreatitis and may require ITU input.


  • PaO2 <8kPa
  • Age >55yrs
  • Neutrophilia: WCC>15×109/L
  • Calcium <2mmol/L (normal: 2.12mmol-2.65mmol/L)
  • Renal function: urea>16mmol/L (normal: 2.5-6.7mmol/L)
  • Enzymes: LDH >600iU/L (normal: 70-250iU/L); AST >200iU/L (normal: 5-35iU/L)
  • Albumin <32g/L (serum)
  • Sugar: blood glucose >10mmol/L

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